The Wisconsin Institute for Sleep and Consciousness is affiliated with the following clinical and research facilities:


The Wisconsin Sleep Center (http://www.wisconsinsleep.org/index.html), adjacent to WISPIC and directly below HERI, provides approximately 9,000 outpatient sleep clinic visits, 2,500 in-laboratory sleep studies and 2,000 home sleep studies per year.  The staff is comprised of 14 physician faculty, 3 nurse practitioner/physician assistant providers and over 12 Registered Polysomnographic Technicians. Wisconsin Sleep includes a 17-bed clinical and translational research facility, built in 2008.  This 14,000+ sq ft facility includes 12 standard bedrooms (approx. 140 sq ft each), 2 pediatric bedrooms (approx. 160 sq ft each), and 3 larger bedrooms of 400-600 sq ft.  Each bedroom is electromagnetically shielded, has an extra-long double bed, private bathroom, satellite television and is outfitted to resemble a comfortable hotel room.  The Center recently installed in the fall of 2017 brand new equipment from Compumedics which includes 16 Grael high-definition PSG and 5 portable Neuvo 256 channel PSG amplifiers to ensure that our recording capabilities remain cutting edge.  There are 2 control rooms for continuous monitoring of sleep recordings, video / intercom setups, etc., one that can monitor up to 16 bedrooms and the other that can monitor up to 4 bedrooms.  There is also a classroom (approx. 500 sq ft.) for patient education and meetings.  The control rooms also contain necessary computer equipment for analyses of electrophysiological data and sleep studies.  Each of the 17 bedrooms is outfitted with PTZ network digital video camera with infrared lighting and amplified audio.  Wisconsin Sleep also contains a fully operational clinic, with 8 medical examination rooms, nursing station, physician office room, and a laboratory (100 ft2) equipped with centrifuge refrigerator and freezer.


The Health Emotions Research Institute Building, is a 42,000-square foot state-of-the-art expansion of WISPIC. It houses a GE 3T scanner for structural and functional brain imaging, an MRI simulator room, an MRI preparation room for pre- and post-scan behavioral measures, image processing areas with extensive computing facilities, wet laboratories, and a conference room and office space.  All rooms at the Laboratory as well as at remote labs across the campus are networked together and connect to the Internet.


The Center for Sleep and Consciousness (http://centerforsleepandconsciousness.med.wisc.edu/) is a laboratory devoted to identifying and understanding both the mechanisms and functions of sleep and the nature and neural substrates of consciousness. We have a research staff of approximately 40 individuals, and a facility which houses multiple transcranial magnetic stimulators (TMS) and coils. We also have a Nexstim eXimia Navigated Brain Stimulation (NBS) system that allows for image-guided, neuronavigated TMS and can be used with an integrated 60-channel EEG system, eXimia EEG. In addition, the Center houses a facility for animal model sleep research.

You can find more detailed information on the available equipment at all of our above facilities here.