Advancing the mission of WISC

One goal of WISC is to foster the development of work that will advance sleep and consciousness research and education. The Institute Director has discretionary funds provided by the Medical School, as well as other sources, to promote the long-term scientific goals of the Institute.  These resources are used to support scientific and administrative personnel as well as to finance infrastructural maintenance and expansion. For example, in the past these resources have been used to replenish the supply of high-density EEG net arrays, acquire capnography equipment, develop net adapters, and purchase data storage and computational resources.  The Institute also has hosted scientific meetings and supported collaborative efforts in line with its research directives.

Individuals affiliated with the Institute who are interested in promoting forward-thinking initiatives that fit within the overall mission of the Institute are welcome to contact Stephanie Jones, PhD, ( with questions regarding programmatic relevance and feasibility. The WISC Executive Committee, comprised of Giulio Tononi, MD, PhD; David Plante, MD, PhD; Brady Riedner, PhD; Stephanie Jones, PhD; and Anne LeGare, RN, MSN meets monthly to evaluate these initiatives.